It must be every artist’s dream ... You’ve spent your life creating things of beauty and meaning but you enter your grave relatively unknown. Then, fellow artists see the great value of what you have achieved and refuse to let you sink into obscurity. They bring you back. This dream has become a reality for the late American artist and craftsman Emil Milan

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Emil Milan contributed to the rise of the U.S. studio craft movement following WWII and his work represents the very essence of modern design. Milan's career was impressive, influencing many students and artists during his lifetime. This project aims to move him further out of obscurity, to his rightful place in American art history.

Milan was at the forefront of midcentury modern design with the world’s leading artists and designers of the time. His work was exhibited alongside well known artists such as Wharton Esherick, Sam Maloof, Wendell Castle, Charles Eames, George Nakashima, and Bob Stocksdale (among others).

The Emil Milan Research Project served as a catalyst for the revival of Milan's work and legacy. Learn more about the Project's milestones


A comprehensive biography of Milan has never been published. 
Until now.

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The objective of the Emil Milan Research Project is to help move Milan further out of obscurity — placing him rightly among his peers — and inspiring generations to come.

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This site is one of many ways the Emil Milan Research Team is working to keep the public informed of the Project. The site will serve as an evolving repository to help bring new and notable efforts to the forefront, while furthering the academic study of the life and work of Emil Milan.